Neoi Poroi, Greece

Two weeks in the summer of 2010 i spent with one of my best friends in Nei Pori.

Neoi Poroi (Nei Pori) is in the southern part of Pieria. A great combination of both sea and mountain. Nearest big cities are Larissa and Katerini. A little further is Thessaloniki.

Map  NP

The beaches are wide, sandy and well organised with easy access. Nei Pori has for many years been awarded with the blue flag of the EU. The beach is about 5 km long. Because of that you will hardly feel crowded. The water is shallow, which is good for families with children. There is also a variety of water sports. Sun beds and umbrellas along the beach, lots of restaurants, cafes and fast-food.

Nei Pori has been awarded for many years with the blue flag of the European Union. The length of the beach is about 5 km. Due to the length of the beach every tourist will hardly feel crowded.

The sea is shallow and fitting for family holidays. It is fully organised with sun beds and umbrellas and along the beach are several restaurants, cafes, fast-food.

2,5 km from Neoi Poroi is a small town called Platamon (Platamonas) about 25 km southeast from Mount Olympus. A town with a big variety of restaurants, clubs, shops and so on.

The Castle of Platamon, a byzantine castle from the 12th century is worth visiting. From there you have a magnificent view of the surroundings.

The Turks captured the castle in 1385 and paid much attention to its maintenance because they needed the castle to control the strategically important area.
Inside the castle area is a church of Agia Paraskevi, which during the Turkish had been converted into a mosque.

The location of the castle was built on ancient Heraklion.

We even visited Palaios Panteleimona, a beautiful mountain village at an altitude of 700 m. And the view over the Theramaikos Gulf and coast of Pieria from up there is also breathtaking. It’s dated to the end of the 14th century. Due to earthquakes there was unfortunately a lot of damage to the houses there. In the central square of the village is the Old Agios Panteleimonas church, surrounded by traditional taverns. Cobblestone streets and beautiful architecture is really worth the trip there.

Approximately 50 km from Neoi Poroi is a beautiful city called
Larissa which you can reach by train if you don’t have a car. The capital and biggest city of the Thessaly region of Greece and capital of the Larissa regional unit. At first you think another little greek city. But you’re wrong. It is big! And beautiful. I just wish we had more time to explore the city. Legend has it that Achilles was born here and Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, died here.

My favourite experience was the night swim. Just my friend and me in the middle of the night, the sea and nothing else. Gazing at the stars.

We also attended a wedding of a friend of ours, and that too was a wonderful experience.

Wishing you all a lovely day :)

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