Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


This is the city of Kastoria in Greece. It is reflected on the surface of lake Orestiada.

The lake covers an area of 28 square meters.

Nine rivulets flow into the lake. Its depth varies from nine to ten metres. The Orestida was formed ca. 10 million years ago. The Kastoria Peninsula (with the town of Kastoria) divides the lake into two parts, the larger to the north and the smaller to the south.

The lake takes its name from the Oreiades. Lakeside attractions include, apart from the Byzantine architectural heritage of the town, an 11th-century Byzantine monastery of Panagia Mavriotissa  and the reconstructed prehistoric settlement of Dispilio, where the Dispilio Tablet was retrieved from the lake in 1992.

(Lake Orestiada)

The city of Kastoria is built on the peninsula that penetrates the picturesque lake of Orestiada and is one of the most beautiful ones in Greece standing at 620 meters above sea level. It is a modern city that has kept quite a bit of its character and traditional architecture. 

Kastoria is located aproximately 200 km from Thessaloniki. If you have the time make sure to visit. Both the city and its surroundings are beautiful.



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