Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

For the challenge I´ve chosen the wonderful island of Vido in Corfu, Greece.

The island is situated about a mile off the NE part of Corfu town (Kerkyra). Shaped as a triangle. The port is facing Corfu town, while the large part is facing coasts of mainland. If you´re wondering how to get there, there are regular boats departing every 30 min. (during the summer time) from the port of Corfu. I think it is from 7 am until midnight.

Corfu was occupied by the Venetians from 15th to 18th century and during that time they constructed a tunnel connecting the Old Fortress with the island. Criminals were sent to this little island.

The road network on the island gives visitors a possibility to walk around the island, explore its wonderful olive, citrus, almond, palm, cypress, and pine trees and a lot of wild vegetation. There are animals like hares, pheasants and grouses, so you´ll never walk alone :)

It also has a restaurant and canteen.

The reason I chose this monument is the connection with my country Serbia. On the island there is a monument of Serbian military and a mausoleum; a memorial visited by my countrymen.  The history behind this is that in 1916, 150 thousand Serbian soldiers crossed Serbia and Albania, arriving in Corfu. Bad hygiene conditions, bad living, harsh winter during the WWI  claimed a lot of lives. The first few days up to 300 soldiers lost their lives daily. They were buried in the stone graves on the island, after a while there was no place left to bury them so they got buried in the deep blue sea. That is why it is called the “Blue Tomb”.

There is an ode; “Ode to a Blue Sea Tomb” written by a Serbian poet; Milutin Bojic dedicated to the soldiers who were buried here:

For the centuries will pass, like white foam
that crosses the sea and dies without a trace,
And a new and great age will come,
To create a splendid home upon this grave. 

We made a little flower bouquet and put it in the sea to commemorate the fallen soldiers giving their lives for our countries.

If you´re ever in Corfu, do visit this little island and relive the past in your mind.



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