Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

For this challenge I don’t contribute with a picture I’ve taken myself but (most probably) by one of my parents, many many MANY years ago.
Taken in 1985; from left to right: yours truly, our grandmother and my little brother.

This post is dedicated to my grandmother. She passed away in 2008.
The kindest, warmest, most loving and most giving person in my life.

You know that one person in your life that gives you unconditional love, never asking for anything in return, not even a little love.
And it’s always those who disappear from our lives too soon.
I try to comfort myself by thinking she was too good for this place; she was just an angel walking on earth to give all that love to us mortals. Maybe teach us to love the same way she did…
There is a logical explanation to her not being among us anymore, but then there is the one not providing much logic… And I chose to believe the latter one.

Dear grandmother, I miss you so much. Wherever you are; do know that I have always loved you and always will.


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