Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

For this challenge I’ve chosen a photo of something that can provide warmth to a body, especially during the winter. It’s called RAKIJA.

The little bottle is called “fraklić”.
The rakija in the bottle is made of quince.

At the beginning, this beverage was used to therapeutic and medical purposes.

“In the heart of the former Yugoslavia lies an old tradition still quite unknown to the rest of the world: rakija (pronounced RA KEE YA).
Rakija is the Serbo-Croatian name given to an alcoholic drink made from the distillation of fermented fruit.
It is a clear-as-water kind of drink, with a percentage of alcohol that can range from approximately 40% to 65%.
You might think that rakija is similar to Rakijabrandy or schnapps and that there’s nothing new here. But in fact, there lies an entire world to be discovered, as rakija has its own tradition, its own rituals and particularities.”

(Borrowed from europeupclose.com, read more here)

Bottoms up! :)


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