Gouvia – Corfu

The closest beach is in Gouvia. From GCV to Gouvia (screen shot Google Maps – the time it takes is approximate, I am living proof that you can make it (walking) in less than 21 minutes.) Events -1636 Gouvia is an old fishing village built on the bay of Gouvia, today a modern holiday resort. You can also find a small beach there, lots of restaurants and shops, a marina, and most important what is left of an old Venetian navy yard. Built (of course) by the Venetians during their rule period on Corfu. The ruins are close to the marina of Gouvia port. Columns, walls and arches survived but the roof is long gone. The Venetians used the bay as a port and the arsenal was built close to the water.

The keystone of the gate at the entrance to the shipyard bears the inscription:


ZBM are probably the initials of one of the captains constructing the arsenal. The year was 1778.

Events - 2615-1 detail

Really magnificent architecture. You can just wander around, touch the walls and touch history. You know the expression: “If these walls could talk”.

(Also mentioned in another blog post of mine : Threes – WPC)

Events -2600 Events -2594 Events -2590 Events -2588 Events -2562 Events -2565 Events -2582 Events -2584 Events -2559 Events -2556

Close by is a memorial plate dedicated to the Serbian army (allies).

It says:

At this port of the island of Corfu, the Serbian allied army coming from Albania  disembarked from 6 Jan. 1916 to 5 Apr. 1916.

Events -2549

There is also a duck pond at the beach.

These photos were taken last year.

Events - 2624 Events - 2645

If you like italian food, there is a great restaurant called “Bella Ellada”. I think the pizza I ate there was one of the best I’ve ever had, and I just had to come back for more. Great and hospitable staff. But if you need some sugar, I would recommend a place called “Fresh“. Waffles, crepes, ice cream… u name it. They have it.

So, there you go. Next post is about some of the nearby places (beaches).

Wishing you all a lovely day.


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