Beach o’hoi

Ok, so let us continue…

Here are some of the closest beaches to Gouvia. As mentioned before you can either take the bus, drive or ride a bike.

From Gouvia to Dassia, Ipsos, Barbati (Mparpati) and Nisaki.

The only problem is that my photos have not been organised in a proper way, so unfortunately I can’t connect the name of the beach to the pictures below. But, I recommend visiting each one of them.

Let us start with Dassia. 

Pretty popular, about 13 km from Corfu town. The beach is narrow and long, it is a few kilometres long. Sandy with pebbles. Possibility of renting sunbeams and umbrella for a small price. Lot of possibilities for summer activities. You can also find shade under the trees.

If I am not wrong, Dassia means forest. You also have a view of the Albanian coastline. A lot of restaurants, shops and bars. Quite shallow, so it’s perfect for families with children.

It has also been awarded the Blue Flag for cleanliness.

Let us move along, next stop Ipsos (Ypsos). Located around 15 km from Corfu Town. Shallow water, various water sports facilities, shops, mini-markets, cafes, restaurants and bars. Excellent view to Mount Pantokrator.

Ypsos means height.

From Ypsos we’re going to Barbati (Mparpati).

About 17 km from Corfu Town. As you have  notices these beaches are not far from each other.  To me Barbati and Nisaki have the most wonderful water. It is so clear and so clean, just imagine jumping in there after a short nap on the subbed. It’s nirvana. Barbati is neither long nor wide but you’ll see for yourself. It is in general like that in Corfu, what one beach doesn’t have, the other does. 100%.

White shiny pebbles, a variety of restaurants, tavernas and bars. Barbati is a bit hidden, but it is like searching for a treasure. If you have the imagination :) Tour boats are available fr trips to nearby bays.

Next and last stop in this post is Nissaki (Nisaki means little island).  White pebble beach, crystal waters. Peaceful and calm. Krouzeri beach is the biggest one, then Kaminaki and Nissaki beach. There are also a lot of private beaches that can only be reached by boat.

Nissaki is about 25 km from Corfu Town. You can enjoy its natural beauty because it’s not commercialised like other places.

Do not forget to visit Mitsos Taverna. Family run taverna, by the water. The swordfish is to die for. I remember when I was there in 2013 somebody threw some bread in to the water and you could see around 20-30 fishes going crazy over that bread.

And..last but not least, here are some photos from these 4 places.

Wishing you all a lovely and sunny day wherever you are.













While we’re still in this area I have to mention a beautiful place with the most magnificent sunset I have ever, and I mean EVER seen.

It is in the Gouvia bay (in Kommeno), a small church named Ypapanti. It is easily located, follow the main road to Dassia (from Gouvia) and you will see a sign where to turn to reach Agia Ypapanti.










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