Kassiopi, Corfu.

The snow fell a few days ago, the temperature went down to -9℃ …. jeez….  winter is not my favourite season. I kept myself warm thinking about summers in Greece and realised, AGAIN that I completely forgot about my “writeaboutalltheplacesIvisitedinCorfu”. :)

So, let us continue our little Corfu tour. Next stop is Kassiopi.

Welcome to Kassiopi

Located about 25 plus km from Gouvia and opposite the Albanian coast. A small and picturesque fishing village.

Gouvia - Kassiopi


Because of its geographical location Kassiopi was a flourishing town during the Roman period. Both Cicero and Nero spent time in Kassiopi.



Some of the significant sightseeing in Kassiopi are the Church of Virgin Mary of Kassiopi (Panagia Kassopitra) and Kassiopi Byzantine Castle.




Both the church and the castle are easily accessible. The church has an entrance from the main street, and the castle is nearby.
The church building dates to the 16th century.
The castle is on a hill above two small coves which were the harbours of the medieval town. When the Venetians decided to take control, the residents of Kassiopi resisted and fortified themselves in their castle.






During your explorations of the remains of the castle you will come to a certain spot where you can see the village from above. A great view.



There are a lot of restaurants, tavernas, cafes, souvenir shops and so on… Whatever you need you’ll find it. When talking about food I do have to mention Limani Bar (λιμάνι-limani means Harbour). Great food, friendly staff and just a sneeze away from the nearest beach.



And oh mine what a beach. The colors are just… well, there are no words to explain that. You have to see for yourself.




There are some small beaches within Kassiopi which are mostly pebbly and rocky… But there are longer beaches further north, which are easy to reach on foot, such as Avlaki, Kalamionas and Imerolia. If you have time, put on some good shoes and walk around, explore. Maybe you’ll find a hidden treasure in form of a beach :)



The one thing I really regret after being there three times is not visiting Palea Peritheia (Old Perithia). a 14th century village built entirely by hand, Located up in the hills about 20-30 km from Kassiopi. Not so easily reachable. If you have a car or catch a cab it’s good. I’ve tried 2 out of three times and no luck yet :)
The only thing I have is this book about Old Perithia :)


In 1979 Old Perithia was officially recognized by the Greek Ministry of Culture as: A Designated Heritage site with elaborate architecture in need of special public protection; classified as a historic monument.

History, mystery, myth and miracles are the words describing this old village so you understand me regretting not being able to visit the place. But I believe that everything happens for a reason, so I guess this means I HAVE to go back to Corfu :)

Hope you enjoyed this virtual trip.
Wishing you all a sunny day, ’cause here the sun just fell asleep and isn’t coming back until March I guess :)

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