Korketrekkeren, Oslo, Norway

Last Friday morning I got a call from my brother telling me not to plan anything for Saturday. “Why?” I ask him, “We are going to Korketrekkeren”. And my answer is this: “Oh no, I can’t, blah blah, my anxiety, blah blah, so tired, blah blah.” We end our conversation, I go to work and the first thing I do is look up “Korketrekkeren” online.
5 minutes later I am sending my brother a text: “Let’s go”.

I promised to challenge myself as much as possible, do things I usually don’t do, get more out of the house, and this was one of my first steps this year.

And Saturday evening I was so happy I changed my mind.

Korketrekkeren translated to English means “the cork screw”.

(The following text is from the website: Korketrekkeren)

“Oslo’s most popular toboggan run starts at Frognerseteren and ends at Midtstuen metro station. At the end of a run, you can catch the metro back up to Frognerseteren for another run.

Korktrekkeren is 2000 metres long, and the elevation drop is 255 metres. One non-stop ride takes 8-10 minutes. The metro from Midtstuen to Frognerseteren takes 13 minutes.

Riding in Korketrekkeren is free, but sled rental costs NOK 80-100 per day.
Korketrekkeren is open when there is enough snow in the area. Webcam and updated information (in Norwegian) at akerforeningen.no.

Sleds for rent (Akeforeningen) next to Frognerseteren Restaurant, at the bottom of the hill from the Frognerseteren metro stop.”

Saturday morning I got up, put on several kilos of clothes and off we went. When we arrived, the parking lot was full of cars and a lot of people.
We brought two pairs of sleds but later they proved to be of very little use. We rented two more, one family sled and one… I named it the “Red Dragon no.96”


I have to admit I was terrified at the top. Not knowing what it looks like on the way down, will I be able to stop and so on…. So I played it safe and came down last :)

The second time down, I went for the red sled we rented and… Well, to be perfectly honest it’s the best thing I have done in a really really long time. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun.

The ride down can’t be explained, you really have to do it yourself to know what I am talking about. It was like I had no fear, no brakes, no barriers, nothing! Just me, the red sled and oh mine, the speed.

There were a few crashes during the day, bruises and so on, but so worth it. One time we went off the metro one station before the one we were supposed to. The good thing was that we only had to wait for ten minutes.

Here you go, full action movie (famous 15 Instagram seconds): Miz Roket and the Red Dragon no.96

I was so mad that I had to stop not to crash into the person in front of me…



On the top is Frognerseteren restaurant and café. The building itself is really beautiful with a history.






Unfortunately I did not bring my camera, so there are very few photos taken with my phone. Imagine being outside several hours, coming in and you face a huge fireplace, smell of great food…mmm… I went for the cocoa with cream and something sweet. I think I deserved it :)


On the website you can see some wonderful photos of the building, both historical and current.


If you are ever in Oslo during winter, do visit. Just let go, have fun and you will have the time of your life.

We were back home in the late afternoon, dead tired but full of excitement. I slept like a baby that night. Sometimes I wish every day could be like that.







Wishing you all a lovely Sunday evening :)


  1. Looks awesome! I’ve only been riding my bike there, but I realize that I have to go tobogganing there too! I’ll run down the amateurs, so that they’ll learn to move out of the way.



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