About Miz Roket

Hello there fellow bloggers…

Few words about me…. born in the wonderful year 1976 in a cold country far far away…. Norway.
Of Serbian origin…
Moved a million times back and forth; destinations Serbia & Norway.

Love photography and travelling, even though I am on an amateur level (both subjects).

In search of not being happy, but being content. Trying to find my place on this earth, trying to find out who I really am, where I belong and curious about where I will end up.
Hopefully in a little house on the beach in some sunny country (Greece please:)

Not married, don´t have children. Don´t know if I want either.

Too young to be old and too old to be young :) Love black and white photos, maybe because most of the time I see the life as black and white. Sometimes there are colour explosions but rarely though…

I guess that´s it… More than enough I would say…


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